Will You Spot the Ogopogo? Views to Expect While Parasailing

There’s no better way to see the city and experience the breathtaking views of the Okanagan than soaring high above the lake with 360-degree panoramic views. Here are some things to look forward to on your next parasailing adventure.


Photo Credit: Old Kelowna

A trip to Kelowna would not be complete without taking the time to keep an eye out for the legendary Ogopogo that reputedly resides in Okanagan Lake. What better way to catch a glimpse than from the sky on your parasailing adventure!

The name Ogopogo came to be around 1929, during a Board of Trades meeting in Kelowna, when a song that included the word Ogopogo was brought up. Members of the meeting thought it would be brilliant to name the “monster in the Lake”.

Before the monster had the iconic name, it was known as N’ha-a-itk, the spirit of the lake.

According to Tourism Kelowna, the Ogopogo has a snakelike body and is about 25 meters long. They say First Nations people spoke of N’ha-a-itk, a fierce lake monster, living at Squally Point, 20 kilometers south of Kelowna.

The Okanagan Valley Guide said that there have been more than 200 sightings of the Ogopogo (N’ha-a-itk).

Come join the search with the team at Ogopogo parasailing.


With 360-degree panoramic views, you’ll certainly be able to spot some Kelowna landmarks on your parasailing adventure.

Keep an eye out for some the following popular landmarks:

Knox Mountain Park
Rhapsody (the Dolphins statue)
Prospera Place
Landmark Buildings
William R. Bennett Bridge
Bird Sanctuary
Spirit of Sail statue
West Kelowna
Rattlesnake Island

Amongst the mountains you’ll likely see a handful of birds such as eagles, osprey, ducks, seagulls and if you’re lucky you might even spot a blue heron flying by.

Summer is the season to soak in the city’s culture. With over 40 years of experience, the team at Ogopogo Parasail takes your fun and safety seriously.

If you’re looking for more information or want to book your first parasail adventure, contact us for more info.

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